Introducing NOVA

An OpenADR VEN Stack


Here’s what our customers are saying …

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Ben and Tony from Nebland provided an excellent software package for OpenADR. They also provided custom build to fit our business requirement. This speeded up our development process and reduced our design and implementation costs. Their supports and responses are quick and helpful. They definitely can help people out to integrate OpenADR.

Peter H Software Developer March 30, 2018

Execution Options

Run as a Stand-Alone Server

Load as a Shared Library

Integration Options

  • Integrate NOVA server through RPC
  • Use the C API to integrate with Python, Node.js, Java, C#, C, etc

Cost Savings

Write Less Code

Focus on business logic, not OpenADR logic

Reduced certification costs

One-time license fee, no hidden costs

Correctness Guarantee

Unit Tested

Automated testing with the Quality Logic test harness

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