Introducing NOVA

Introducing NOVA, an OpenADR 2.0b VEN software stack by nebland software. NOVA adds OpenADR functionality to a wide range of systems: run in the cloud or your IoT.

NOVA is based on the open source software developed for EPRI by nebland software. While the EPRI software is an excellent starting point for developing a VEN, it has two key issues:

  1. It’s missing features required for OpenADR compliance
  2. As a standalone library, it can’t be compliance tested

We’ve added the missing features to the library and developed a standalone server. By turning it into a server, the complete stack can be compliance tested. Systems integrated with NOVA don’t need to go through the full certification process which translates to significant cost savings.

As a standalone server, NOVA integrates with any programming language through RPC. RPC options include HTTP, named pipes, message queues, shared memory, database, etc. Looking for a more integrated solution? NOVA can be loaded as a shared library.

Additional details can be found here. See the NOVA product posting on the OpenADR Alliance website.

Contact us to learn more.

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